Tubs, Floors and More has almost 20 years of combined experience in surface repairs. We can repair tubs of any material (acrylic, gelcoat, metal, cast iron or plastic) or any color and make them look new again. This includes inlays on weak tub/shower bottoms as well as fixing plumber cut outs. We also repair vanity tops, vinyl window frames, vinyl flooring, sinks, baptistries, swimming pool steps, water slides, boats, fiberglass boxes and some tile. No request is too crazy!
No matter how large or small the area of repair we can solve your problem at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Call us for an estimate!

  Repaired  area of a   plumbers cut out to replace tub faucet


Repair of a large hole in the back wall caused by vandalism

Basic repair of cracks at the top edge of the soap ledge