Refinishing is a specialized trade that requires training, practice and a high degree of personal craftsmanship. It also requires proper equipment and quality materials. No step can be skipped for a successful refinishing job. All associates in our company are professionally trained and certified by the Professional Resurfacers Association (PRA). All work is completed with an exhaust system to remove fumes and overspray.

Tubs, Floors and More can refinish tubs or showers of any material: acrylic, gelcoat, metal, cast iron, plastic, cultured marble, tile or claw foot tubs. These can be refinished in almost any color.

Our process takes only a few hours. The cost is a mere fraction of the cost of replacement.

For more information see our section on Why Refinish and Refinishing Process.


 A failed refinishing job

Whirlpool tub before
Worn enamel
Cracked floor
Damaged finish

Inlay template to be used in refinishing

Inlay template

Here the bad finish has been stripped and the surface has been etched and prepped to be properly refinished

Tub prepped for insert
Inlay in place
Ready to finish edges
Ready for resurfacing