Our process includes properly preparing the surface to be refinished. We remove all caulking then follow with an industrial cleaner. The area is then etched with an acid cream to remove impurities and make the surface porous. The etch is then removed with water and the area is sanded to remove any remaining chalk film. This etching process promotes adhesion. The area is then masked off to protect your bathroom from overspray. A tack cloth removes any dirt particles that may have fallen into the tub. Two coats of Epoxy resin primer are applied to ensure proper adhesion. For safety, we texture the floor to prevent slipping since the new coating is extremely slick. Three coats of Poly-Glass High Gloss top coat are then applied. This is an acrylic urethane coating that has a proven record of durability and resilience in the refinishing industry. All work is completed with an exhaust system to remove fumes and overspray. This finish is dry to the touch in four hours. We recommend waiting 24 hours before using.

Be careful of choosing a low priced refinishing company. Refinishing requires specialized training, craftsmanship, quality refinishing products and the proper equipment. None of these items are cheap. Some companies choose to skip the etching and epoxy primer stages of the refinishing process and only clean the surface and wipe on a bonding agent to get the topcoat to adhere. Testing has proven the etch/epoxy primer/topcoat process to be superior. Eliminating etching and the use of an epoxy primer provide savings in material and labor to the refinisher and become an expense to the customer. The use of a stabilized etching system is both safe and non-destructive and is a critical component in the refinishing process. It is a proven fact that epoxies make the best primers. They provide maximum adhesion and protection against impacts and moisture.

Make sure you are getting what you pay for. Failed refinishing jobs require an extra step for your surface to be refinished correctly. The failed finish must first be stripped with a powerful stripping agent before we can begin the correct refinishing process. This step averages an additional $125 to the refinishing cost.

Tubs, Floors and More warranties all residential refinishing for five years. Commercial and rental refinishing carries a one year warranty.

For additional information see our information on Refinishing and Why Refinish.