Are cracks repairable?
Yes, most are cracks are repairable. Some repairs are more extensive that others.

If I have a crack in the floor of my bathtub/shower that is leaking is it repairable?
Yes, however, if there is flex in the floor of the tub/shower it will require an inlay (see our section on inlays). Just repairing the crack will not hold up to everyday use.

How long will a refinished bathtub and ceramic tile last?
Our refinishing will last 12 – 15 year with proper care.

How long does it take to refinish a bathtub?
Under normal conditions approximately 3 – 4 hours. Preparation time will vary from job to job.

Does refinishing have an odor?
Yes, however, we use a venting system to help reduce the odor.

Are tubs the only thing that can be refinished?
Fiberglass, cast iron, metal, acrylic, cultured marble and plastic tubs can all be refinished. Wall tile, laundry sinks and countertops can be refinished as well. We do not recommend refinishing floor tile or kitchen sinks as the new finish will scratch due to use and wear.

Can a commode be refinished?
No, the finish will not hold up with constant standing water.

What colors are available for refinishing?
White or off-white is the most common. However, we can match any color in the Sherwin Williams palate.

How does our company compare to others?
Our company spares no cost or skips any steps in any and all of our services. We take great pride in our work and leave no customer unsatisfied. We currently represent 23 tub manufacturers as warranty repair technicians.

What is your coverage area?
Our company is centrally located to serve Kentucky and Indiana. We also cover parts of Ohio, Tennessee, Illinois, West Virginia and Virginia.

How can I contact Tubs, Floors and More, Inc?
Phone: (859)396-5774
Fax: (888)349-8821
Cell: (502)320-4705
Cell: (502)803-1745
email: [email protected]